Milda Playdough

Our very own Estonian world-class modeling clay! Milda is our very own favorite! Soon, you'll find out why!

Completely Safe for Children
All ingredients are of natural origin, including color, glitter, and fragrance additives. Milda's scent itself is heavenly, and it's not even a bluff! You can safely satisfy your curiosity by tasting Milda; its taste is slightly salty and not inviting for consumption.

Long-lasting and Sufficiently Large
Milda products (including scent) last a long time (6-12 months), and 150g of playtime joy will last for an extended period!

How is it Different from Regular Plasticine
Regular plasticine is often made from wax or paraffin (a petroleum product), and it is usually hard and rigid under the hand, causing a child's small hand to tire quickly. Milda products are soft and safe – a child can start playing with them right away, without needing to knead the clay for a long time to make it soft. The composition is pure and natural.

The modeling clay itself is compostable – when its lifespan is over, simply throw it in the organic waste bin (a small unofficial tip from Villem - refresh it with warm water and use it even longer!). Aluminum tins can be successfully reused as storage containers!

Playing with modeling clay:

Enhances cooperation between brain hemispheres.
Develops creative thinking.
Improves fine motor skills.
Reduces stress, tension, and anxiety.
Engages various senses: smell, touch, and sight.