Inspired by the natural and naked beauty of water nymphs, NÄKK was born out of a love for simple, effective, and packaging-free beauty products. Today's NÄKK is a radiant, beautiful, and conscious woman who cares equally about herself and the environment. With you in mind, we have created wonderfully fragrant and truly effective hair and body care products that are equally gentle on your hair, skin, and the environment.

Quick and Ready! Many customers praise the convenience of NÄKK shampoo bars because not only is handling a shampoo bar easy and rinsing it out much simpler than regular shampoo, it is also moisturizing enough that you don't need to use conditioner or a hair mask in addition.

Perfect for Travel Compact shampoo bars are easy to carry with you – you can slip this tiny, feather-light gem into your pocket! Shampoo bars are also suitable for carrying in your hand luggage and gym bag because they work equally well for washing both your hair and body. The product is light, small, and much more practical for carrying than regular liquid shampoo!

Child-Friendly Your expensive hair care products disappear quickly when used by a child. Half a bottle of expensive shampoo seems to be just the right amount for washing a small head of hair, right? Not with a shampoo bar! A shampoo bar is the perfect product for little hands because it won't accidentally squirt into the bath and get sadly washed away, and it will only get into the hair exactly as much as needed – not a gram more!

Minimal Environmental Footprint When talking about shampoo bars, the environmental aspect cannot be ignored. Compared to large and heavy plastic shampoo bottles, producing and transporting a tiny, handy shampoo bar consumes significantly fewer natural resources. All you need is to purchase a reusable metal tin for your first purchase – from then on, you can get your favorite NÄKK shampoo completely packaging-free. NÄKK products are also 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the European Union.