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For 24 years, Võhma Valgusevabrik has delighted thousands of customers and offered uplifting aromas and beautiful handmade candles, all produced in Estonia. "As a handicraft company, it's important to us that every candle we've poured, we've also held in our hands and evaluated its quality at every stage of production. Local people have jobs, and each candle is made with added value, which is a personal connection."

I also have a very personal connection with Võhma Valgusevabrik. In 1999, we first met at the Mardilaat fair at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds when I was just an 8-year-old girl. I spent my very first pocket money on a tiny scented candle called "Memme musi," whose scent I'm still in love with 24 years later! Here, you'll find a selection of my favorite scents, and believe me - I've enjoyed them throughout my life hundreds of times!
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